Garfield Paws - immagine Garfield als butler - Nord America

Garfield Paws - immagine Garfield als butler - Nord America
Buono - Senza scatola originale

Unique and funny statue of the naughty cat Garfield as a butler.

Dimensions: approximately 95 cm high, 42 cm wide and 65 cm deep (including tray). Material is a kind of sturdy resin and/or polyresin.

The statue is in overall good condition, no defects. Here and there some light hairline cracks and some paint missing (see pictures). Since some people like it authentic I haven't touched it up; the new owner can decide for himself (and do it) of course.

Garfield is a lazy, fat, complacent, orange cat who loves to eat, sleep, steal the food of his owner Jon and bully the dog Odie. He hates Mondays because on that day he always has bad luck (often in the form of a cake in his face). He considers himself more intelligent than humans and dogs.

Dettagli lotto
Numero di oggetti
Garfield Paws
Modello / Nome
Garfield als butler
Paese d’origine
Nord America
Buone condizioni
Senza scatola originale
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