VOX - AC 30 Sould State

VOX - AC 30 Sould State
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VOX AC30 SS Solid State in good condition. Extremely good clean sound with the coveted Fane loudspeakers from 1978.

Three channels that can be adjusted separately in volume (Vibrato/Normal/Bright), which can also be paired. Switchable vibrato or tremolo with original foot switch on/off.

This lot must be picked up in Vienna because of the weight.

It's impressive: The technical concept of the AC30 dates back to a time when many of the inclined readers had not even seen the light of day. And yet, for many years to date, it has remained almost unchanged and is still relevant. A certain Tom Jennings ran a music business in Dartford, Kent, near London, in the 1950s. When rock & roll swept over from the USA, he recognised the signs of the times and saw that these wild guys needed proper amplifiers with their electric guitars. At that time, they had to make do with equipment that had been adapted from the hi-fi sector.

Tom Jennings recalled a wartime colleague, Dick Denney, who he knew had experience with electronics. He was also a semi-professional musician, played Hawaiian guitar and had used some energy to build a suitable amp for himself. After Jennings heard it, he urged cooperation.

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AC 30 Sould State
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