Hughes & Kettner - Duotone Combo 50W lampes - Amplificatore integrato - Francia - 2004

Hughes & Kettner - Duotone Combo 50W lampes - Amplificatore integrato - Francia - 2004
Eccellenti condizioni - Numero di oggetti: 1 - Inclusi: Amplificatore integrato - Nessun extra

Type: combo
amp, Technology: tubes,
Power: 50 watts under 8 Ohms,
5 tubes Ruby 12AX7, Amp: 2 tubes Ruby EL34, Speaker: 2 Celestion 12 inch Vintage 30,
Effects: Accutronics spring reverberation
, Connection: 1 input, 1 loop effect
(parallel), 4 power outputs from 4 to 16 ohms, 1 footswitch input (XLR),
Weight: 27 kg
, Origin: Germany
, Original price: 2,568 euros

In perfect condition! No signs of wear.

Preferably to be picked up on-site; shipping only to France and Europe; cannot be shipped internationally.

From the Custom Class range of German manufacturer Hughes & Kettner, a powerful gem with a distinctive British sound. The Duotone combo is a direct competitor to the Orange Rockerverb Combo and the Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace combo, with which it shares the same power (50 watts), the same tube technology, the same footprint and a very similar price. Equipped, like the Stiletto, with a pair of EL34 power tubes, the sound is typical of what you would expect, not from across the Rhine, but from across the Channel!

Duotone = two channels
The blue-lit control panel fits right in with the classic scene. Let's start with the clear channel, with a volume adjustment and a three-band passive equalizer. In fact, the term ‘clear’ is a bit limiting, since the amp crunches nicely with the slightest coaxing, and even drifts towards overdrive when pushed to its limits. The Duotone sound has a lot of body, whether you play hard or not. This full, bold sound never becomes strident, it retains a beautiful tonal balance. The saturated channel, known as overdrive, presents a gain and a master, offering a nice palette of saturations that, we understand well (before sending in the cavalry) goes far beyond this stage of saturation to explore, if needed, the heavy metal domain.
Be aware: typically, the increase in distortion tends, by mask effect, to subjectively shift the sound to the top of the spectrum, which can become aggressive. Here, that is not the case; the Duotone retains its beautiful substance at all available power levels, without becoming screechy in the treble range, and without any need for adjustments on the three-band passive equalizer of this channel. There is a fourth adjustment dial (Presence), but this knob is just at the lower power range.
A boost switch increases the overall level by accentuating this dense but nevertheless dynamic response of the medium, with palpable density. The flexibility of use is also brought to the fore by the presence of an Accutronics reverb with 12AX7 tube buffers, as well as the parallel effect loop.
All of the preamp tubes (including buffers and phase-shifters) have the same name and brand: Ruby One of them attacks the push-pull output consisting of a pair of Ruby EL34. No doubt, the designers were aiming for the well-known British sound, highlighted in a particularly elegant way, thanks to a perfectly studied topology. The amp, very responsive, is easily controlled during play, the attack of the notes gives a deliciously chocolaty quality to the distortion of the simple crunch, with a touch of uranium (heavy metal) all poured into a reputable speaker, the Celestion Vintage 30.
Ach so?
Remarkably designed and with great all-around reliability, this Duotone Combo sounds loud, even at reasonable volume, because of its beautiful tonal colour, while also offering other, more varied fields of sound. This amp deserves to be well-known, because it is a frontrunner among the best tube combos!!!

Dettagli lotto
Hughes & Kettner
Duotone Combo 50W lampes
Tipo di strumento/ Oggetto
Amplificatore integrato
Paese di origine
Anno di fabbricazione
Eccellenti condizioni
Numero di articoli
Nessun extra
27 kg
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