DV Mark - Compressore Tube - high-end compressor - Effect pedal - Italia

DV Mark - Compressore Tube - high-end compressor - Effect pedal - Italia
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Of the Italian DV Mark there is this high-quality compressor effects pedal. The DVM Compressore is not just a stomp-box, it is a high-end compression tool. Where most compressor pedals are equipped with only one button or controls that set two parameters at once, you have full control over your sound with the DVM Compressore. The pedal offers you all the individual controls that you will find on professional studio compressors.

By means of the controls gain, threshold, radio, attack, release and volume, you can accurately set the compression. This first class effects pedal has not only been designed for guitarists. The DVM Compressore is very suitable for bass guitar or any other acoustic or electric instrument, live on stage as well as in the studio.

The DV Mark DVM Compressore has a tube-driven circuit. The ECC81 compresses your signal, in which the sharp peaks in your guitar playing are ironed out in a natural and transparent way. In addition it adds warmth at the same time and dynamic overtones to your sound. Thanks to the True Bypass-design, there will be no degradation of audio quality when the pedal is off.

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DV Mark
Compressore Tube - high-end compressor
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Effect pedal
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Nuovo di zecca
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