Premium - Luxus 4+6 Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine - Unisex - 2011-presente

Premium - Luxus 4+6 Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine - Unisex - 2011-presente
Automatico - Legno, pelle PU - Scatola, Set completo

It is said that more than 80% of the reasons why automatic watches don't provide accurate and accurate timekeeping are due to directly or indirectly to unwound movements. It is also very important to take a watch winder with you. This watch winder box is dial for the winding of your watches, in order to extend their running life. It can also store watches. Let this product care for your beloved watches.

1. 10 watch capacity. It can wind 4 watches at the same time and store 6.
2. Powered by a quiet supermotor, there is no running sound during winding.
3. Watch Winder Motor have 3 direction settings (clockwise, anticlockwise and alternating): mode 1: 2 minutes clockwise, pause for 6 minutes, repeat; mode 2: 2 minutes anticlockwise, 6 minutes pause, repeat; mode 3: changing setting for 6.5 ~ 8.5 revolutions / min, repeat.
4. Fitted with an anti-magnetic copper movement in order to be sure that your watches don't become magnetised.
5. High-quality galvanised transmission fastening, durable, colour-fast and corrosion-resistant.
6. The transparent, organise, acrylic glass cover is resistant to dust and moisture and protects your watches.
7. Paired with a black felt base, which prevents every possible furniture surface from getting scratched.
8. Soft and smooth watch cushions designed to fit most sizes and types of watches, including large-scale watches, watches with small straps and various other types of men's and women's watches.
9. Dual power supply is more sensible. It is run by a 100-240V AC adapter.
10. The PU leather material is easy to clean.

Product type: watch winder
Material of individual parts: wood + PU-leather + glass + fluff + metal
Colour of individual parts: as show in the pictures
Optional design: brown + EU plug + EU plug
Power consumption: AC100-240V
Output: PC 3V 1.2A 50 ~ 60HZ 0.2A
Item size: approx. 31 x 24 x 18 cm
Item weight: approx. 4000 g
Function: winding and storage of your watches

Parcel contains:
1 * watch winder box

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Luxus 4+6 Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine
Materiale cassa
Legno, pelle PU
Scatola, Set completo
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