Sfere da prato - due pezzi + certificato - Avorio, Lignum vitae (pokewood) - 1890

Sfere da prato - due pezzi + certificato - Avorio, Lignum vitae (pokewood) - 1890
Regno Unito

Two beautiful lawn balls made of the heaviest wood in the world (Lignum Vitae) and inlaid with ivory round plaques.
Balls are very decorative and are supplied with a bronze ring on which they can be showcased.

Bowls is an English ball game similar to boules, played in two versions where the balls have off-centre mass distribution and run on a curved track. Source: Wikipedia

This item is made of ivory and comes with a certificate drawn up by Mr. A Keddeman. The appraiser viewed this item physically and confirmed the material and dating.

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Dettagli lotto
Sfere da prato - due pezzi + certificato
Avorio, Lignum vitae (pokewood)
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
Regno Unito
In ottime condizioni - usato raramente e con lievi segni di usura e dell’età.
11.5×11.5×0 cm
2180 g
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