Anonymous - Escuela Cuzqueña - Angel with Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Anonymous - Escuela Cuzqueña - Angel with Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Olio su tela - Non firmato - 20th Century

The Cusco School (Escuela Cuzqueña) or Cuzco School, was a Roman Catholic artistic tradition based in Cusco, Peru.

This is a typical representation of this school which are characterized by their use of exclusively religious subjects, their lack of perspective, and the predominance of red, yellow and earth colors. They are also remarkable for their lavish use of gold leaf.

Despite the representation of Warrior Angel is common, in this case an Angel holding the "Sagrado Corazon de Jesus".
It is a very decorative artwork. It has a slight damages in the lower right corner and the passepartout is also slightly damaged.
The overall impression is very good. As usual in these cases, it is not signed or dated but it is attributed to early 20th century.
In a nicely fitting golden frame.

Dettagli lotto
Anonymous - Escuela Cuzqueña
Titolo dell'opera
Angel with Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
20th Century
Olio su tela
Non firmato
In condizioni generali abbastanza buone
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
42×30 cm
Dimensioni totali
52×42×2 cm
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