Spessartite granato - 7.93 ct

Spessartite granato - 7.93 ct
Ovale - IGE

Big rare Mandarin Orange Kind.
Weight: 7.93 ct
Size: 13.32 x 10.16 x 6.51 mm
Shape: Oval Mixed.
Color: Orange.
Clarity: Slightly Included.
It has some natural cavities inclusions which come from liquid drops being trapped when stone was formed. Chips seen on table are not real chips but these natural cavities being exposed when stone was cut. There is one trail of these inclusions reaching the girdle surface as shown on last picture.
Treatment: No indications of enhancements.
Origin: Namibia (This is the seller´s gemological opinion only, it is not mentioned on the report)
IGE Certificate D-14121

Sending via registered and insured mail with tracking number.

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Spessartite granato
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