John Angerson (1969-) - English Journey#50. 'Anfield', Liverpool, 2015

John Angerson (1969-) - English Journey#50. 'Anfield', Liverpool, 2015
Stampa C, Stampa digitale - Firmato - 7/25 - 2015

New print release - previously not available.
Edition print 7/25 Print size: 40cmx30cm
Lustre finish - Digital C-type
Sold with a signed Certificate of Authentication.

Image: Liverpool, Anfield Football Stadium built-in 1884. The stadium has been home to Liverpool F.C. since they were formed in 1892 as a result of the original tenants Everton F.C. leaving the ground. The turf is renewed every season with grass seed obtained from the Rigby Taylors Ltd. in Bolton. In 1906 local journalist, Ernest Edwards christened a new stand ‘Spion Kop’; named after a famous hill in South Africa where a local regiment had suffered heavy losses during the Boer War. More than 300 men had died, many of them from Liverpool, as the British army attempted to capture the strategic hilltop.

Shipped and carefully packed. Sent via International track & trace service.

Dettagli lotto
John Angerson (1969-)
Titolo dell'opera
English Journey#50. 'Anfield', Liverpool, 2015
Stampa C, Stampa digitale
Data di stampa
Condizioni originali
Dimensioni dell’immagine
36×28 cm
Dimensioni totali
30.5×0.5×40.6 cm
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