Germania - HEER - Uniforme di fanteria modello M44 per ünterofficer - 1944

Germania - HEER - Uniforme di fanteria modello M44 per ünterofficer - 1944
Originale - Lana - Ottime condizioni

The garment is in nice original condition with most of the nap in the late brown wool still remaining. The combat tunic is a small size, a good fit for old hindsgaul mannequins. The garment has originally machine sewn triangle breasteagle and original sewed collar tabs. F44 dated garment and one late war “M44” scarce Infantry shoulderboard for an ünterofficer.

“In late 1944, in order to cut down on tailoring and production costs, the Wehrmacht introduced the M44 pattern uniform. Similar in appearance to the British Battle Dress or the related US “Ike” jacket, the M44 was unlike any other German pattern uniform, and the first major deviation in uniform design since 1936. The tunic skirt was shortened to waist length, an internal belt was added, and the tunic could be worn with an open or closed collar. The color was the new “Feldgrau 44”, a drab greenish-brown.”

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Uniforme di fanteria modello M44 per ünterofficer
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