Jakob Smits (1855 - 1928) - Map met 25 etsen van Jakob Smits

Jakob Smits (1855 - 1928) - Map met 25 etsen van Jakob Smits
Acquaforte - Firmato su lastra - 1953

The bundle with 25 etching comes with the foreword by Dr. Jozef Muls was published in 1953, 25 years after Jakob Smits' death.
The selection of the 25 etchings was provided by the Brussels art printing company A. Van Campenhout.
There were 10 copies printed on Japanese paper and the 90 other bundles are on Velin d'Arches. This is number 41.
The titles of the etchings are: self-portrait, woman at the cradle, mother and
child, the message to the shepherds I, the elephants, the flight to Egypt I,
Christ mocked, the symbol of the Kempen I, the woman at the window,
Kempisch inner house, departure to the field, the ox cart, sand plains
of 'De Kongo' in Achterbos, the windmill in Achterbos, the chapel between
the trees, Kempisch village II, poor women, the poor, hamlet in the Kempen, the wheelbarrow, the woman with the wheelbarrow, the potato harvest, butter farmer, the
dance II and the reason.

Dettagli lotto
Jakob Smits (1855 - 1928)
Titolo dell'opera
Map met 25 etsen van Jakob Smits
Firmato su lastra
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Vendita con cornice
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