Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) - The month of March - By his son Frederik (1616-1690)

Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651) - The month of March - By his son Frederik (1616-1690)
Acquaforte - Non firmato - 1635-1670

An old man with stick and equip a young man holding a spade insert the ground with his foot. In the background two men repairing a fence.

On watermarked laid paper. Full plate border and good margins. Good condition. Slightly wrinkled but that does not show in real.. Still in the original laid paper sheet with small needle pin holes in the outer left margin where once bound together with a small rope.

This print is from The Months of the Year. A series of etchings designed/drawn by Abraham Bloemaert and etched by his son Frederik Bloemaert.

Hollstein Dutch 252-2(2)
Roethlisberger 411-2(2)

Abraham Bloemaert (1564 - 1651)
Genre, portrait and history painter, etcher and engraver; b. at Dordrecht, d. in Utrecht; son of Cornelis Bloemaert; pupil of Joost de Beer in Utrecht; 1580-83 pupil of H. Francken in Paris; 1591-92 in Amsterdam.

Frederik Bloemaert (c.1616 - 1690)
Engraver, son of Abraham. Worked in Utrecht mostly after his father's designs

Dettagli lotto
Abraham Bloemaert (1564-1651)
Titolo dell'opera
The month of March - By his son Frederik (1616-1690)
Non firmato
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
130×170 mm
Dimensioni totali
210×310×1 mm
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