Spiros Politis (1969-) - "Turquoise Red Nude" (2019)

Spiros Politis (1969-) - "Turquoise Red Nude" (2019)
Stampa C, Stampa digitale - Firmato, Timbro dell'artista - 3/25 - 2019

“Turquoise Red Nude”
- photographed in London 2019.

Part of a series of ultra high colour vibrant figurative studies.
The colours are created in the studio and not in post production.

C-type digital print - Printed in 2019 by pro London lab.

The print carries the artist's stamp and the edition number on the front and is signed on the back.
Signed certificate of authenticity included.

The actual image size is 14" x 14" (35.56cm x 35.56cm)
Paper size - 20' x 16' (50.80cm x 40.64cm)

Posted in a hard tube with Royal Mail from the U.K tracked and insured.

Spiros Politis is a renowned London based photographer with several works in The National Portrait Gallery’s collection of photography. He has won awards for his work in both USA and Europe.

Pro photographer based in London with work in The National Portrait Gallery and with many awards to his name - most recently Gold Medal at The Association of Photographer Awards 2019 in the portrait category.

Dettagli lotto
Spiros Politis (1969-)
Titolo dell'opera
"Turquoise Red Nude" (2019)
Stampa C, Stampa digitale
Firmato, Timbro dell'artista
Data di stampa
SPL (Splendido)
Dimensioni dell’immagine
35.56×35.56 cm
Dimensioni totali
50.8×0.1×40.64 cm
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