Luxus Premium Holz - 2 + 4 Uhren Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine - Unisex - NEU

Luxus Premium Holz - 2 + 4 Uhren Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine - Unisex - NEU
Automatico - Acciaio inossidabile, legno - Scatola, Set completo

Luxury premium wood - 2 + 4 watches watch-winder

Interior fittings: stainless steel 316L
Exterior design: wood / stainless steel 316L / glass
Front glass - silk glass 100% genuine glass
Stainless steel lock
Colour: moor oak decor / piano lacquer / high gloss polish
High-quality, scratch-resistant varnish
Dimensions W x H x D: 320 x 300 x 180 mm
Two rotating plates each with space for one watch
The watch mount of each respective disk can be removed.
LED display control
Sleep phase feature
Additional drawer for housing of 4 further watches
On/off switch on the back of the casing.
Electricity-powered (AC adapter is included in the delivery)
Key / micro fibre polishing cloth
Instruction manual
- Watches not included in the delivery -

Program settings:

Step 1: turn RPD (revolutions per day) to select programs. There are 4 possible programs.
650, 900, 1350 and 1800, 900 RPD is recommended
Step 2: press () to select the directions, ) clockwise only, ( counter-clockwise only and () in both directions
Step 3: press LINE to select line 1, line 2, line 3 or line 4 to activate the corresponding rotors.
Finally, press EIN/AUS (on/off), to activate the selected program. The corresponding number, such as, for example, 1, 2, 3, will be displayed in the top right-hand corner of the LED display when the rotors are switched on. MCH stands for "multiple channel", all rotor lines of the same channel run under the same program settings. CH0, CH1, CH2 and CH3 are available, CH0 is the
default program, all rotors are factory-set to this program at first use and can only be changed if another channel is selected. As soon as CH0 has been changed to CH1, CH2 or CH3, it can only be changed back to CH0 where the device is restarted.

For: Rolex Omega IWC Breitling Hublot Panerai Tag Heuer Cartier Zenith Patek Philippe

Dettagli lotto
Luxus Premium Holz
2 + 4 Uhren Uhrenbeweger Uhren Vitrine
Materiale cassa
Acciaio inossidabile, legno
Scatola, Set completo
Orologio da polso analogico
Spedizione assicurata
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