21.8×16.2×5.4 cm

Rare low relief of the Gandhara with a Yaksa supporting three wheels representing the three jewels (Triratna), like the Titan Atlas. He is assisted by two Buddhist monks surmounted by two busts of orants.
Remarkably well sculpted, the lines are fine and precise.
Excellent condition, despite slight wear and tear.
Height: 16.2 cm - width: 21.8 cm - thickness: 5.4 cm - weight: 2.8 kg
Gandhara art, Pakistan, around the 1st/3rd century A.D.

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The seller will ensure that the necessary authorizations, such as an export permit, are arranged. (passport for cultural object)
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Dettagli lotto
21.8×16.2×5.4 cm
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