Martello e vassoio (2) - Moderno Metà '900 - Rame

Martello e vassoio (2) - Moderno Metà '900 - Rame
Marocco - 1950-1974

Old bronze hammer to break sugar (Kaleb soukar) to make tea, with a beautiful chiseled decoration accompanied by an old serving tray (435 mm) on 3 feet, with 2 handles, made of bronze with oriental motif. Sugarloaf is the traditional gift offered on the occasion of various family ceremonies (weddings, the return from the pilgrimage or baptisms). But it should be noted that the sugarloaf is a much older product than that! In fact, its discovery dates back to 500 BC in India. In order to make it crystallise and discard its syrup, it had to be moulded in a cone, through funnel effect. This so-called "first pour" sugar was then a first grade sugar, a luxury product but hard to break, hence the use of this hammer. Marks and signs of wear. Carefully packed tracked shipment.

Dettagli lotto
N° di oggetti
Martello e vassoio
Modello / nome
Marteau à casser le sucre et plateau à servir
Moderno Metà '900
Periodo stimato
Paese d’origine
In buone condizioni - usato, con piccoli segni dell’età e macchie.
0×100×190 mm
1600 g
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