Tappeto, Tappeto Gendje Caucasico Dimensioni 105 x 183 Cm - Lana - Fine XIX secolo

Tappeto, Tappeto Gendje Caucasico Dimensioni 105 x 183 Cm - Lana - Fine XIX secolo

19th Century Colorful Caucasian Gendje Rug Size 105 x 183 Cm. It has some old restorations find it as it is untouched piece.It has very lovely colors.
Gendje is a town centrally located in the midst of the traditional rug-weaving area of the Caucasus Mountains. Situated on the main road connecting Baku and Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, the name Gendje also refers to the mountainous area surrounding the town.

3ft 5in x 5ft 0in
Late 19th Century
“Gendje rugs were frequently made in a long, narrow format, and a large number of runners were produced too…the polychrome octagon borders…can be identified as distinctive features of Gendje weaving… Another design that is associated with Gendje is a diamond-shaped medallion, often with a white outline that curves outwards and opens up on each vertical side of the medallion. The effect is that there is a lateral opening on each side of the medallion” (Middleton, Michael, Rugs & Carpets: Techniques, Traditions & Designs. Mitchell Beazley, London, 1996, p.55).

For instance, the 19th-century tribal rug to the right is an exquisite example of the Gendje runner format as well as the polychrome octagon borders particular to Gendje antique rugs. In addition, a prized saffron ground instantly sets apart this brilliantly executed Caucasian antique rug, commanding rapt viewer attention. Of equal importance to this seldom seen golden hue is this antique Caucasian rug’s exquisite suite of inventive, precisely crafted borders, each presenting a multitude of subtly inflected natural hues for an unusually impressive sense of dynamic harmony and movement.

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Tappeto, Tappeto Gendje Caucasico Dimensioni 105 x 183 Cm
Periodo stimato
Fine XIX secolo
Paese d’origine
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