Lyonel Feininger - The Yacht Race (Wettsegeln)

Lyonel Feininger - The Yacht Race (Wettsegeln)
Incisione su legno - Non firmato - Editore sconosciuto - 1918

Wood engraving from 1918, in very good condition, not framed, 33 x 38 cm.

This work is typical of Feininger’s work; it shows the grooves of the engraved wood well, visible in the black flat tints. In perfect condition. Feininger (1887) was an American painter and engraver of German origin. World renown, he almost completely turned away from figurative elements in his works whose main theme became the city and the architecture of Thuringian villages. A high church tower is often present in his compositions after the war, as a symbol of hope for a more peaceful world. He was faithful to Cubist precepts and denied any classic perspective, recomposing it from unstructured elements, shapes nestled within each other in a complicated way that gives the work an inner monumentality and strict tectonics.

Walter Gropius invited him to Bauhaus where he taught from 1919 until 1933, the year the school was forced to close under the pressure of the Nazi regime. He was a master/teacher responsible for the printing studio. His expressionist wood engraving is a model for the genre.

Dettagli lotto
Lyonel Feininger
Titolo dell'opera
The Yacht Race (Wettsegeln)
Incisione su legno
Non firmato
Editore sconosciuto
Condizioni molto buone
Venduto con cornice
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