Grecia (antica) - Macédoine. Tétradrachme, Alexandre le Grand (336-323). Amphipolis. 315-294 - Argento

Grecia (antica) - Macédoine. Tétradrachme, Alexandre le Grand (336-323). Amphipolis. 315-294 - Argento
SPL (Splendido)

Weight: 17 g
Diameter: 25 mm
First minting: 315
Last minting: 294
Magnificent Tetradrachme of the famous Alexander the Great (336-323), Amphipolis (circa 315-294), the striking is perfectly centered, few traces of circulation.

Ref: Price 446

History: Alexander III the Great is the son of Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias.
He was born in 356 BC, when Philippe's horses triumphed at the Olympics.
Upon the death of his father, who was assassinated in 336 BC, he became king of Macedonia at the age of twenty. He immediately crushes the Thebans and scours the city that had revolted.
In 334 BC, he moved to Asia and, after the victory of the Granique, set out to conquer the Achaemenid empire, which would lead him to Persepolis, then to the gates of India.
Returning to Babylon in 325, he married Roxane who gave him a son.
Two years later, he died without completing his work, aged thirty-three years.

Obverse: Title: Anepigraph
Description: Head of Heracles facing the right, wearing a headdress.

REVERS: Description: Zeus, cross-legged, sat on the left in a backless seat, naked to the waist, holding an eagle on his right hand and a long scepter on the left; in the field on the left, a lit torch / Λ; AP monogram under the throne; circular beaded girdle.
Translation: From King Alexander

Dettagli lotto
Grecia (antica)
Macédoine. Tétradrachme,
Anno / Periodo e Variazione
Alexandre le Grand (336-323). Amphipolis. 315-294
Metalli preziosi
SPL (Splendido)
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