Signed Sphinx Placcato oro - Grande spilla "antica Egitto" rara

Signed Sphinx Placcato oro - Grande spilla "antica Egitto" rara
Misura: 80 x 55 mm Large - Peso totale: 25 g

With its look of the "time of ancient Egypt", this very pretty brooch represents an "Egyptian" entirely gilded and enamelled cream and black. He is standing, on the water, a spear in his hand, ready to harpoon a fish.
Spindle height: 8cm (3.12 ") Maximum width: 5.5cm (2.3").

Rare Sphinx brooch with marking and serial number "A2233" engraved on the back.
In excellent condition

British company Sphinx made high quality jewellery. They made jewellery for many famous design houses, like Kenneth J. Lane, Saks Fifth Avenue, Butler & Wilson Neimans, and Bloomingdales and others. I understand and also heard Designer Henry Schreiner of Schreiner Jewellery Co which began in 1939 also designed for Sphinx. Their jewellery is becoming more and more collectible today.

Dettagli lotto
Grande spilla "antica Egitto" rara
Placcato oro
Signed Sphinx
80 x 55 mm Large
Peso totale
25 g
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