Jean-Jacques De Boissieu ( 1736-1810 ) - Old Beggar - Portrait du vieux Girard

Jean-Jacques De Boissieu ( 1736-1810 ) - Old Beggar - Portrait du vieux Girard
Acquaforte - Firmato su lastra - 1772

A work by one of the finest graphical artists from the period !
Here a fine impression showing all detail

Etching on chine-collé what allowed printing of very fine lines.

Old beggar seen three-quarter length, turned to the left, sitting with hat on his lap; 1823 restrike. 1772 Etching, finished with roulette
Boissieu used people from his town as a model fro his prints. This is tho old Girard, a farmer from Chasselay (Cfr. Perrez)

Print made by: Jean Jacques de Boissieu
Date: 1772

Dated and signed on plate, within image, top left: 'DB 1772' (barely visible)

IFF 64
Perez 1994 64.III

Jean-Jacques De Boissieu (1736-1810)
Painter engraver from Lyon who made a remarkable oeuvre during his long career. Arthur Hind was very promising about him and not without reason. His technique was renewing by the use of thin china paper on a woven backing witch allowed the printing of very fine lines. His style was very personal and his work is impressive by quality, format and subject.

As the son of a medical doctor he worked first in the atelier of Charles Frontier. Engaged by the Parisian publisher Pariset he published his first group of landscape etchings in 1758. It was J.G. Wille who invited him to Paris to work with him and their he met also Greuze, Vernet, Watelet....

Dettagli lotto
Jean-Jacques De Boissieu ( 1736-1810 )
Titolo dell'opera
Old Beggar - Portrait du vieux Girard
Firmato su lastra
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
284×210 mm
Dimensioni totali
345×270×1 mm
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