Design classico - Blaupunkt Kingston R24 - stereo radio - 1986

Design classico - Blaupunkt Kingston R24 - stereo radio - 1986
Buono - 5×18×15 cm

For those who are looking for a special Blaupunkt car radio in their classic/young timer of 1985/1987, here is one of the last types in historical 'analog' performance: the Blaupunkt Kingston R24. This rarer classic Blaupunkt Kingston R24 has a nice design appearance (see pictures) and has DNR as 'new' technical pinch. Unfortunately the cassette player is defective but the radio has been tested extensively and it functions excellently.
The stereo Blaupunkt Kingston R24 has 3 wave lengths (L/M/U), a tone and balance control, key for DNR and stereo, a powerful (2 x 10W) amplifier and two speaker connections. Advice: good speaker and the Kingston will deliver the classic Blaupunkt music quality! If you are looking for a sound (heavy) stereo radio for his classic with 'design' looks here is your chance with a * * LOW RESERVE * *.
The Blaupunkt will be properly packaged, and sent by insured and registered mail.

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Tipo di Oggetto
Design classico
Blaupunkt Kingston R24
stereo radio
Buone condizioni
5×18×15 cm
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