Jan Toorop (20-12-1858 - 02-03-1928) - De mijnwerker

Jan Toorop (20-12-1858 - 02-03-1928) - De mijnwerker
Litografia - Firmato sulla stampa - 1915

The colour lithograph was framed in a wooden frame behind glass.
The glass makes it difficult to take good pictures.
The frame has some minor spots of damage, but is in good condition, see photos.

Registered, insured shipping.

The colour lithograph of De Mijnwerker (the miner) came onto the market at the beginning of December 1915 by the lithographic design of S. Lankhout and Co in The Hague. It cannot be determined whether Toorop also drew on the lithographic stone himself, which was used to make the reproductions in a mechanical manner. However, Toorop was very enthusiastic about the reproductions.
No less than 6000 copies of the lithography were eventually printed, in two or three different formats and in two versions. On one version, the assignment was added, which Toorop had written on the original drawing: ‘Aan dr. Poels, van J. Toorop’. That assignment is missing from the other version of the reproduction.

Dettagli lotto
Jan Toorop (20-12-1858 - 02-03-1928)
Titolo dell'opera
De mijnwerker
Firmato sulla stampa
In ottime condizioni
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