4 x 1 Gramm - Oro .999 (24 carati) - Heraeus - Seal+Certificato

4 x 1 Gramm - Oro .999 (24 carati) - Heraeus - Seal+Certificato
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Heraeus gold bar of pure 999.9 fine gold.
These very exquisite gold bars come in a credit card format in blister packaging and with an embossed motif!
They were produced by Heraeus Edelmetalle/Umicore (gold bar) & ALSS EURL (coin pouch).
These unique bars are shipped in an ALSS padded envelope for optimal protection.

Gold has always fascinated mankind and draws everyone in with its almost magical spell of beauty, purity and elegance. Today more than ever, gold stands for value retention.

With the new blister-packaged gold bars, you will not only have a great investment, but also a lifelong memory/gift for important events! This special bar is perfectly suited for important lifetime events, such as births, baptisms, the first day of school, communions/confirmations, high school graduations, apprenticeship exams, PhDs, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

Weight: 1.00 g
Fineness: 999.9
Fine weight: 1.00 g
Face value: none
Dimensions: 15 x 8.7 x 0.5 mm
Condition: freshly minted
Packaging: blister (plastic capsule)
Manufacturer: Heraeus (LBMA-certified)
Country of origin: Germany

Shipped via registered mail - The number of the bar you receive will differ from that in the photo.
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4 x 1 Gramm
.999 (24 carati)
Lingotto coniato
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