Ambra del Baltico, olive, rosso rubino, età circa 1920-1930 - Königsberg - Collana - 136,10 ct

Ambra del Baltico, olive, rosso rubino, età circa 1920-1930 - Königsberg - Collana - 136,10 ct
Misura: 78 cm - Peso totale: 27 g

100% natural and untreated amber of the class 1AAA.
Classification: antique ruby red ladies necklace.
Expensive antique Baltic amber in a ruby red colour.
Wikipedia: antique, variants clearly differentiated in red hues of varying intensity due to weathering.
"Rarer than usual butterscotch amber"
"Genuine Ruby Red - No heat treated imitation".

One-string necklace, oval olives in progressing size.
Amber olives size: maximum 2.0 x 1.4 cm.
Individually knotted on very fine silk cord.

Amber classification: 1AAA succinite.
Origin: extinct "amber tree" (Pinus succinifera).
Amber place of origin: Samland, peninsula in the eastern Baltic Sea.
Necklace origin: Königsberg, East Prussia
Age of the amber: 40-50 million years.
Gemstone: chosen Baltic amber.
Age, origin: 1920s, Germany.
Total weight: 27.22 g
Total length: 78.0 cm
Colour: ruby red.
Cut: Königsberger olive cut.
Amber total: 49 pieces of oval amber beads (olives).

Clasp: spring ring.
Condition: perfect condition for its age.
Unique piece: yes.

Private sale from family ownership.

Due to the natural ageing process of the amber, the colour intensity of each bead varies slightly, with natural markings and spirals.

Guarantee of authenticity:
Unconditional guarantee regarding the authenticity of the amber.
The amber on offer is guaranteed to be 100% genuine Baltic amber that is natural and untreated.
Contains no additional materials, adhesives, synthetics, varnish or anything similar.
Not pressed or melted down, each bead polished from a single piece of amber.

Amber tests:
Characteristic pine resin smell upon heating.
UV light depicts characteristic amber colour.
Static charge.
Electrum, colloquially called "Baltic amber".

Test images:
Precision scale,
UV light
Fresh and salt water pictures.

Insured shipping via DHL with tracking number, from €7.49 on for Germany.
New and original DHL shipping box.
Multiple layers of soft, secure packaging.

Dettagli lotto
Königsberg - Collana - 136,10 ct
Ambra del Baltico, olive, rosso rubino, età circa 1920-1930
78 cm
Peso totale
27 g
Eccellenti condizioni - usato raramente con minimi segni di usura
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