Jone Hopper - Kill the king - série

Jone Hopper - Kill the king - série
Tecnica mista - Firmato

Jone Hopper, born in 1977, is a French street artist.
In the late 1980s, he learned the ropes in the streets through graffiti which was an emerging movement at the time. He tagged his name in the streets, on walls and on trains. Known for his characters and his signatures in spray paint, he created the TBS (The Brutal Style) collective with Skepa and a few other committed graffiti artists. Very little is known about this artist since he remains faithful to the graffiti spirit and wishes to remain anonymous, believing that it is the work that should be promoted, not the person. He is not on social networks, never present at exhibition openings, he is an artist without a face, remaining a true enigma, except to a few gallery owners in on the secret. He compares his paintings to a Hip Hop tune, he acts like a sampler... sampling, cutting, assembling and thus creating new images.

- Mixed media: spray paint, pastel and acrylic on canvas.
- Certificate of authenticity included

Dettagli lotto
Jone Hopper
Titolo dell'opera
Kill the king - série
Tecnica mista
Come nuovo
Dimensioni dell’immagine
81×65 cm
Venduto con cornice
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