Georg Philipp Rugendas ( 1666-1742 ) - Horseriders near a ruin

Georg Philipp Rugendas ( 1666-1742 ) - Horseriders near a ruin
Acquaforte - 1698

Good impression with full image borderline and white margins on a collectors sheet.

Mezzotint engraving printed over a seperately printed ockre base with left open whites, giving a clair-obscure effect. Printed on a verge type of hand laid paper. Mezzotint engravings are scarse as few prints could be made from a plate.

Inventor: Georg Philipp Rugendas (27 November 1666 - 1742) was a battle and military genre painter and engraver born in the Free Imperial City of Augsburg in what is now Bavaria, Germany. He took Bourguignon, Lembke, and Tempesta for his models, but formed his style more especially through the study of the various phases of the military profession, from real life. He continued his studies for two years in Vienna, and in 1692 under Molinari in Venice, thence went to Rome.During the siege and pillage of Augsburg in 1703, he exposed himself to great danger by drawing, in the midst of the engagements, the scenes around him.

Engraver: Christian Rugendas (1708–1781), Painter and engraver. Son of Georg Philipp Done after his fathers painting from 1704. Engraving made around 1740.

Dettagli lotto
Georg Philipp Rugendas ( 1666-1742 )
Titolo dell'opera
Horseriders near a ruin
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
150×195 mm
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