Johann Faber (1902-1979) - Groninger Ploeg - Gronings landschap

Johann Faber (1902-1979) - Groninger Ploeg - Gronings landschap
Tecnica mista - 1902-1979

Large and beautiful realistic work by Johann Faber (1902-1979) painter of the ‘De Groninger Ploeg’.
Technique: mixed media on paper.
Size: approx. 57x 47cm (mat), approx. 39 x 28 cm.
Signed on the lower right.
Condition: the work is in good condition.

Johann Faber (Groningen, 19 July 1902 - Groningen, 4 November 1979).
Faber was a Dutch fine artist and member of the Groninger Ploeg. He uses several techniques, such as pencil sketches, lithographs, etchings, watercolours and oil paint.
In 1922, he became an aspiring member of De Ploeg. In 1933, he was unanimously accepted as an active member of De Ploeg, after he had exhibited in a living room. He took part in the annual exhibitions of De Ploeg until the late 1970s. He participated in more than 80 exhibitions.

Dettagli lotto
Johann Faber (1902-1979) - Groninger Ploeg
Titolo dell'opera
Gronings landschap
Tecnica mista
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
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