Ametista con una variazione di colore - 11.06 ct

Ametista con una variazione di colore - 11.06 ct
Ovale - IGI ID card (India)

Daylight: bluish-purple.
Incandescent: reddish-purple

IGI report number: 365936757
Species - Natural Quartz
Variety - Amethyst
Cut - Oval mixed cut
Weight - 11.06 ct
Measurements - 15.90 x 12.68 x 9.56 mm
Color - Deep Purple
Transparency - Transparent
Comments - Natural inclusion pattern.

Amethysts with a complete change in color (such as Alexandrite) do not exist! I have rare African amethysts with a color shift (with a change in color shades: blue-violet in daylight or red-violet in incandescent lamps)

Amethyst appears two-colored in the photo, one part is bluish-purple and the other is reddish-purple.
This is an optical effect.
I lit two lamps on opposite sides of the stone, so it was such an effect.
So you can do with all the stones that change color.

Delivery with registered tracking number. Poczta Polska.
Delivery time in Europe is 7-21 days, while in Asian and American countries 15-45 days, usually a much shorter delivery times, but it always depends on the courier.

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Ametista con una variazione di colore
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IGI ID card (India)
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