Hans Melchior Wap - 1x Spaghetti - 2x Unknown

Hans Melchior Wap - 1x Spaghetti - 2x Unknown
Serigrafia, 3 Zeefdrukken - Firmato a mano

Hans Melchior Wap is a Dutch visual artist, active as a silkscreen / serigraph printer, manufacturer of woodcuts, graphic designer, illustrator, wall painter, draftsman, painter, poet, and manufacturer of gouaches.

Hans Wap unknown 1: Image size 48 × 64.5 cm, total dimensions 60 × 80 cm.

Hans Wap unknown 3: Image size 36.5 × 39.5 cm, total dimensions 49.5 × 55.5 cm.

Hans Wap Spaghetti 2: Image size 50 × 50 cm, total dimensions 62 × 67 cm.

On the back of the artworks there are pieces of tape on the edges because these works have been framed. These are easy to remove

The photos are a substantial part of the advertisement.

Will be sent registered, insured and well packed in a cardboard tube. Guaranteed safe shipping.

Dettagli lotto
Hans Melchior Wap
Titolo dell'opera
1x Spaghetti - 2x Unknown
3 Zeefdrukken, Serigrafia
Firmato a mano
Buone condizioni
Dimensioni dell’immagine
0×0 cm
Venduto con cornice
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