Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 ) - St Joseph of Arimathea - First edition

Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 ) - St Joseph of Arimathea - First edition
Acquaforte - Non firmato - 1632-1635

Les images des Saints.

Early impression from the first edition printed in Paris by Israël Henriet. Before all rework. From the earlies impression available, a second state while the first before the publishers address of Israël is only known from a few examples (R.R.R.R.)

I have a couple of leaves mostly with the watermark 'huchet' showing a post horn as called for by Lieure to be found on these early Paris impressions.

Uncut sheet with wide margins. Original pinholes on top of the sheet where the series was once bound together with a small rope still visible.

Four oval scenes showing events of saints celebrated in February;, interior with three men kneeling beside a seated Bishop (St Felix of Metz' Day); a bearded saint wearing a turban and standing in a landscape with Mount Golgotha in the background (St Joseph of Arimathea's Day); a bearded saint, hands clasped and stabbed by a soldier (St Polycarp's Day); St Matthew standing in a landscape, reading a book and holding an axe in left hand (St Matthew Evangelist's Day).

Meaume 1860 302-425
Lieure 1927 844-871.II

Jacques Callot ( 1592 - 1635)
Etcher and draughtsman, born Nancy. Working in Rome and Florence for the Medic; 1621 returned to Nancy, where he settled and married. Died suddenly in 1635. From c. 1620 most of his plates were published by his friend Israel Henriet.

Dettagli lotto
Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 )
Titolo dell'opera
St Joseph of Arimathea - First edition
Non firmato
In ottime condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
215×124 mm
Dimensioni totali
270×160×1 mm
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