Jo Machwirth ( 1874 - 1945 ) - Portret van een vooraanstaande dame

Jo Machwirth ( 1874 - 1945 ) - Portret van een vooraanstaande dame
Olio su pannello - Firmato - 1904

Johanna "jo "Machwirth 1874- 1945.
Medium: oil paint.
Material: on panel.
Restorations: none.
Title: portrait of a noble lady.
Signed: top left jo machwirth 1904.
Size 36 x 48 cm.
Framed in a frame with the dimensions 57 x 68 cm.
Condition of the frame is good, minor damage on the edge. Will be added for free.
Condition painting: in good condition.
Painting in good condition / signed.
Frame good condition / some rim damages / free of auction.
Will be sent by registered mail.
Pickup is possible in Beverwijk.

Moordrecht 1874-1945 Soest.
Jo Haverkamp-Machwirth was married to the painter G.C. Haverkamp. She was educated at the academy of fine arts in The Hague under the leadership of Fr. Jansen, and was taught by Jan Voerman. Her subjects were portraits, figures and flowers.

Dettagli lotto
Jo Machwirth ( 1874 - 1945 )
Titolo dell'opera
Portret van een vooraanstaande dame
Olio su pannello
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
5 kg
Dimensioni dell’immagine
36×48 cm
Dimensioni totali
57×68×68 cm
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