3rd Reich - Germany 1939-1945 - German Wehrmacht - Arm Shield ‘KRIM’

3rd Reich - Germany 1939-1945 - German Wehrmacht - Arm Shield ‘KRIM’
Originale - Discrete condizioni

Arm shield ‘KRIM 1941 / 1942’. Purchased in May 1968 by INVESTIMENTI Numismatica - Firenze

The award took the form of a shield with a rounded bottom. An eagle is positioned on the top, with its outstretched wings spreading across, not only the entire width of the shield, but also breaking the edges to both sides. This eagle is the standard Wehrmacht Eagle, and as such is holding in its talons a wreath with a centered swastika. On either side of the wreath are the years 1941-1942, during which time the conquest took place.

See images for a proper impression.
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Dettagli lotto
Arm Shield ‘KRIM’
Paese d’origine
3rd Reich - Germany 1939-1945
Reparto dell’esercito
German Wehrmacht
Originale / Replica
Discrete condizioni
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