Johann Joseph Hartmann (1753-1830) - Vues de l'île Saint-Pierre de Brienne, Suisse

Johann Joseph Hartmann (1753-1830) - Vues de l'île Saint-Pierre de Brienne, Suisse
Acquerello, Guazzo - Firmato a mano - 1791

A very impressive view of Lake Bienne with île Saint-Pierre in the foreground.

Total dimensions: about 61 cm x 46 cm

After a beautiful day, the sun bids farewell and plunges the blue sky into a soft reddish glow.
On the right side of the image, you can see the mountain tops and the forest radiating a powerful orange red in the foreground.
The water of Lake Biel shimmers and shows the last evening activities in the form of a mirror image. However, a few people walk on the shores of St. Peter's Island and a boat heading towards the island.
It must be assumed that the evening is cold, as the picture as a whole has a bluish effect and the part of the forest illuminated in reddish colour seems to be covered with a touch of frost.

the famous artist Johann Joseph Hartmann, born in Mannheim in 1753 and renowned for his studies with Ferdinand Kobels, successfully settled as a landscape painter in Bienne. gouache/watercolor masterpiece was created.

Hartmann was a huge success, especially with views of St. Peter's Island made famous by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Please look at all the photos carefully, they are an integral part of the description and can provide you with any information that I may have forgotten to include in the description.

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Dettagli lotto
Johann Joseph Hartmann (1753-1830)
Titolo dell'opera
Vues de l'île Saint-Pierre de Brienne, Suisse
Acquerello, Guazzo
Firmato a mano
In buone condizioni generali
Vendita con cornice
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