Anthony Wierix ( 1555-1604 ) - The resurrection - Only state

Anthony Wierix ( 1555-1604 ) - The resurrection - Only state
Incisione - Firmato sulla stampa - Ca. 1590-1600

Good impression of the only state, trimmed on image borderline and glued on a laid paper collection sheet.

The resurrection

Alvin 1866 289
Mauquoy-Hendrickx 1979 383 ( I / I )

Antonius Wierix (printmaker; Flemish; ; 1555/1559 - 1604)
One of three brothers, all engravers in Antwerp. Had father and son of the same name, but is here referred to simply as Antonius as he is by far the best known of the three. The Wierix are important in Flemish print history. The brothers where natural talents in engraving. They began at a very early age and developed a really virtuoso style. Design was a very natural thing for them and there technical is mostly accumulated in small very detailed and well-done prints. Some experts attribute the quick victory of of the burin-engraving in favour towards woodcuts to there combined efforts.

Dettagli lotto
Anthony Wierix ( 1555-1604 )
Titolo dell'opera
The resurrection - Only state
Ca. 1590-1600
Firmato sulla stampa
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
95×68 mm
Dimensioni totali
194×148 mm
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