Aart de Neeff (1919) - Staatsmijnen van Geleen

Aart de Neeff (1919) - Staatsmijnen van Geleen
Oil on canvas - signed - mid 20th century

Oil painting on canvas representing an above-ground mining company, presumably the Staatsmijnen in Geleen. The painting is signed at the bottom right with 'A. de Neeff’. The canvas is in a good condition.

Aart De Neeff, born in Vlaardingen in 1919, worked since 1946 at Staatsmijn Maurits in Geleen. About that time he also started painting. First as a copyist, but after 1949 he became more and more focused on original work. The mining company became his theme. Especially at night De Neeff liked to go out, armed with drawing pencil and sketchpad, to capture the imposing business complexes. At home he finished his sketches in oil paint.

De Neeff became a member of the ‘Licht en Kleur’ art circle founded in 1955 in Geleen, in which 28 painters had united. Among them were some members who worked on the mine.

Aart de Neeff also received lessons from, among others, the Limburg painter Pie Schmitz (1904-1972) and the Rotterdam artist Theodorus (Dook) Everse (1910-2005). Around 1960 De Neeff left for Rotterdam, where he became a member of the Amateur Schilder- en Tekenclub Rotterdam.

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Dettagli lotto
Aart de Neeff (1919)
Titolo dell'opera
Staatsmijnen van Geleen
Midden 20ste eeuw
Olio su tela
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
Dimensioni dell’immagine
60×71 cm
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