Han van Meegeren, (1889 - 1947) - “Jozef vertelt zijn droomen”, sepia ±1939

Han van Meegeren, (1889 - 1947) - “Jozef vertelt zijn droomen”, sepia ±1939
seppia aumentata con vernice di copertura - ±1939

Han van Meegeren, 1889 - 1947.
“Jozef vertelt zijn droomen”, sepia ca. 1939
Sepia heightened with light grey cover paint. Signature and title at the bottom right. Dimensions 27 x 31 cm including some mm under a mat. Dimensions frame 45 x 49 cm. Beautiful modern-classically framed. The mat has slightly warped inside the frame. The condition of the work looks good on the whole. At the bottom, between the scene and the title, a fold is visible across the full width of the work. On the right side, partly under the mat, two small restored cracks are visible.
This sepia in the style of Rembrandt is difficult to date, because Van Meegeren has worked in a classical style from the start. It certainly does not belong to his very last years, when he worked more commercially. It can be carefully dated to a few years before WWII until the early war years. He was very productive at the time and in addition to his work on large counterfeits, he exhibited very much under his own name with classical work.
The lot can also be picked up in Amstelveen.

Dettagli lotto
Han van Meegeren, (1889 - 1947)
Titolo dell'opera
“Jozef vertelt zijn droomen”, sepia ±1939
seppia aumentata con vernice di copertura
In buone condizioni
Vendita con cornice
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