Titanic head
Doll head taken out of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Titanic area

Having been exposed in a museum in Spain, this doll head taken of the Atlantic Ocean floor is for sale now. Media from around the world (press, radio and television) echoed this discovery. A descriptive note of the finding is included:

A sailor of company Argenbel (Maritima Argentinian ad Belgian Societ) for 40 years. On an expedition in the waters of the Atlantic in 1977, he rescued this doll head from the nets. It was 2,000 meters deep.
He used to recount his strange feeling that night when he was fishing tuna in the cold waters of the ocean. He was checking the nets and suddenly ‘something’ rolled. He had kicked it because he thought it was a stone... He couldn’t sleep. He went up on deck and went towards it. Then he realised it was a head, not a rock. He left it aside and continued working. Once he was at home, he cleaned the corals and seaweed from the head and looked after it with great affection for the rest of his life until he died in 1992.

The porcelain head belongs to this mould: Shoenau & Hoffmeister 1906. This is an uncommon mould. It’s a great coincidence that it is the same doll head that a passenger of sunken liner Titanic had.

• The manufacture is from the same period. It’s the 1906 model, made in those days.
• Being a circular object, it could move easily through the sea currents.
• After detailed studies, there are no news of other passenger ships wrecks in that area, with the exception of the Lusitania three years later. The rest have been warships.
• After conducting a detailed study on the passengers who could have dolls on the Titanic, we found two passengers who, even belonging to families of certain purchasing level, travelled in second class: Eva Hart and Marjorie Collyer.
Regarding Marjorie’s doll, there is photographic evidence and references in her travel notes. This doll was reportedly found by one of the expeditions to the shipwreck. Today we have no news of that head. But Eva’s doll head never appeared and this mould is just the same that she carries in the photo.
Seven-year-old Eva had this doll when she embarked and carried it those few days of crossing until the wreck. The doll was lost in the sinking. Eva (1905-1996) always referred to that lost doll until her death.

In the photograph, Eva with her doll. The same mould of this head found in 1977, after nearly 70 years in the sea.
(After a detailed study of the photograph, the girl carries a SHOENAU AND HOFFMEISTER. This mould was created in 1906 and sold for some years during the first decade of the last century). (Documents included in the memoirs of Eva Hart. In her book Shadow of the Titanic – A Survivor's Story she refers to the existence of the doll during the crossing).

The mystery will always be there. We still have the respect and affection for a doll that made a girl happy.

(You can find this piece of news in written press and visual media. It was spread by Agencia EFE and echoed worldwide).

This piece is unique and museum worthy. Therefore you will receive it with the rotating glass base with (220 W) light to exhibit it, the metal base to secure it and the wood chest.

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