Silver plated cutlery cassette - 110-piece - Keltum, Van Kempen & Begeer

Silver plated cutlery cassette - 110-piece - Keltum, Van Kempen & Begeer
Silver plated 100 - Model P2 Point-filet - 8 people + extra's - in oak wood cassette

Very complete silver plated cutlery in model P2 (Point-filet), the silver plated series by the Koninklijke van Kempen en Begeer.
The set consists of 110 cutlery pieces in a neat white oak wood cassette with drawers. Contains a lot of serving cutlery and extra cutlery for a complete table.

The cutlery consists of:

8 dinner forks
8 dinner spoons
7 dinner knives (marked "van Kempen & Begeer Holland)

8 breakfast forks
8 breakfast spoons
8 breakfast knives (marked "Gerritsen & van Kempen")
8 small knives (marked "van Kempen & Begeer Holland)
8 cake forks
8 cake spoons

8 knife rests

1 meat carving knife
1 small meat knife
1 large meat fork
2 small meat forks
1 meat fork three tines with long point
1 chees slicer
2 butter knives
1 filet knife (double serrated edge, raised point)
1 salad spoon + salad fork
1 oven / cake scoop

1 knife sharpener

Serving cutlery:
1 large soup ladle
1 potato spoon
1 vegetable spoon
2 serving spoons
2 gravy spoons
1 serving tongs (very beautiful, see photos)

1 dinner fork
1 dinner spoon
1 breakfast fork
1 breakfast spoon
1 breakfast knife
1 Cake spoon
3 cake forks
+1 meat fork with spring button (not by Keltum, but it beautifully matches the whole)

Total 110 pieces

All pieces are heavily silver plated 100 and stamped with [Keltum] and [post horn]

Generally in a good, used condition.
The following pieces are in as good as new condition; knife rests, small knives, meat forks, fillet knives, serving tongs
The rest of the pieces are used more often than others, giving these the usual signs of wear (scratches due to use, a number of knives have small pits in the hilts, slightly dull lustre on a number of spoons)

The cassette also has room to extend the set in the future. Cassette is in a good condition.

Dimensions cassette: 58x43x29 cm
Weight: 20.5kg (including cassette)

Lot will be packaged and shipped registered via parcel post.

Please note: Are you living in East-Flanders/Antwerp?
Then it might be preferable to collect the cutlery on location due to the high shipping fees. This due to the total weight of 20.5kg

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