Extraordinary large predatory fish - Caturus sp. - 64 x 57 cm (specimen 44 cm)

Extraordinary large predatory fish - Caturus sp. - 64 x 57 cm (specimen 44 cm)
Jurassic, Lower Tithonian (Malm zeta 2) 150 million years - Germany, Solnhofen, Solnhofen Formation

Most Caturus are around 20 cm large, which makes this individual nearly twice the usual size. The fish shows a very good preservation, many details in the scales and head, including the teeth are well visible. A truely extraordinary specimen.

Bony Ganoids
Order: Amiiformes
Genus: Caturus

Age: Jurassic, Lower Tithonian, 150 million years
Locality: Solnhofen, Germany

Dimensions: 64 x 57 x 1,5 cm
Weight: 13 kg

The fossil will be shipped as properly insured parcel via DHL or UPS and come with the above informations. If prefered, it can also be collected in person.

We guarantee for the authenticity of all fossils sold. Please note that fossils are found by splitting rocks, this means that the vast majority of fossils is broken at some point, either natural in the ground or during the excavation process. If so, they are professionally repaired by gluing them back together.


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