Large, outstreched trilobite - Phacops sp. - 6,5 cm

Large, outstreched trilobite - Phacops sp. - 6,5 cm
Lower Devonian, Eifelian Stage (390 Million Years) - Morocco, Jebel Oufaten Alnif

This large Phacops is perfectly outsreched. The superbe preparation allows to see a lot of details.
The right eye is in perfect condition and shows a nice play of color, as is present in much of the overall trilobite.
The left side shows some degree of weathering in the cephalon.
There is no restoration in this individual.

The Phacops measures 6,5 cm in length along the body and weighs 350 g including the matrix obviously.
The complete block measures 11,5 x 6 x 5 cm in its widest dimensions.

The Trilobite will be shipped from Germany as an insured parcel via DHL or Deutsche Post priority mail. It can of course be collected if preferred.
It comes with an ID card and invoice (incl. VAT).


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