Messel gar fish Atractosteus strausi - 16 cm

Messel gar fish Atractosteus strausi - 16 cm
approx. 47.5 million years old Eocene - Messel-pit, near Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

I am offering today a Messel fish, which was preserved with the plastic transfer method.

The gar fish Atractosteus strausi measures in this case 16 cm and weighs loosely under one kg.

It was found in 1978 in the world-famous pit, which belongs today to World Heritage, thus also no new fossils are found and sold from there.

The fish has been completely preserved and shows a great scale dress. The plastic bed, in which he is lying is black.

The board has the size: 20 cm x 13 cm

A fish in such good preservation is only offered very rarely.

I’m gladly available for questions and feedback.

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