Partly amended insectivore - "Leptictidium auderiense" - half original from Messel 40 x 4 cm

Partly amended insectivore - "Leptictidium auderiense" - half original from Messel 40 x 4 cm
Tertiary, Eocene, 50 million years - Messel-pit, Darmstadt, Germany

The shale pit Messel is one of the most important fossil sites in the world and is nowadays under strict protection of excavation.
This natural monument has been declared natural world heritage site worth protecting in 1995 and was added to the “World Heritage List”.

The archaic mammal (Leptictidium auderiense means “graceful weasel”) reached world fame due to a BBC documentary about Messel that aired in 2001.

Perfectly preserved rarity of an insectivore (preserved from the back with tail as original), front (from the rear extremities) has been professionally amended by a taxidermist and is located on a plank in the size of 47.5 x 25 cm.
This exceptional piece is the only one offered privately worldwide at the Messel market and would have, if completely
authentic, a value of approx. 50,000 Euros.
The authentic rear part with an 18 cm long tail and strong legs as well as defined paws show all subtleties of bone structure.

It is presented as showpiece for wall decoration for the sophisticated nature lover.
Museum appropriate!
Compared to the original price as half exhibit it is very inexpensive.
If a German bidder is able, he can also pick up the “graceful weasel” at my home.

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