Baltic amber with a nice and clearly visible insect 13 x 22 mm

Baltic amber with a nice and clearly visible insect 13 x 22 mm
40 million years - Baltic Sea - Poland

Clearly visible insect in a piece of natural amber with a certificate.
Natural Baltic amber found in the Baltic Sea, with interesting insects and inclusions, hand hewn and polished.
Baltic amber comes from the Eocene era (35 to 50 million years ago). A dimension can slightly vary due to the irregular construction of amber.
Total weight: 0.62 g
Dimensions: 13 x 22 mm

Amber tested with UV light, salt water, heat - smell. 100% authentic
Like in all of my auctions, the photos were magnified to show the Baltic amber interior closer than the human eye see.

Baltic amber comes from the private family collection.

By bidding on this auction you can be sure that you are bidding an authentic Baltic amber.
After wining the auction there is a possibility to obtain a certificate of authenticity of amber for a minimal cost (the cost to acquire the certificate). Immediately after winning the auction let me know if you would like to get a certificate. When you’ll accept all terms I'll add it to the package.
Fast, insured shipping, sent with tracking number and written confirmation of receipt.

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