Fossil amber from Mexico with insects 75 carats (15 g)

Fossil amber from Mexico with insects 75 carats (15 g)
Oligocene (about 25 million years) - Simojovel de Allende, Chiapas, Mexico

A very nice piece of amber from Mexico from the famous area of Simojovel de Allende in Chiapas, the capital of amber.

This piece of amber has a slightly green color as shown in the pictures.

There are two insects and several inclusions.

I bought this piece directly in Simojovel, on a trip in 2006.

Weight: 75.08 ct (about 15 g)

Size: 37.3 x 50 x 17.8 mm - 75.08 ct

This lot is sent from Peru. I am a Canadian (province of Quebec) living in Arequipa in Peru for six months a year.

The package will be sent by certified post, without tracking number.
The postal service is excellent.

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