Trilobite - Cyphaspis boutscharafinense - 31 mm

Trilobite - Cyphaspis boutscharafinense - 31 mm
Devonian (345 - 395 mil y) - Ofaten, Morocco

Beautifully prepared rare trilobite with the scientific name: Cyphaspis boutscharafinense . This trilobite is characterized by three long spines, of which the two outer ones curl outwards and the middle one upwards. The spines are original but in the preparing process mounted back on the trilobite. In addition this species had eyes on short stalks and small characteristic nodules on the head shield. The dimensions of the trilobite are 33 mm x 18 mm. The matrix measures 70 mm x 62 mm. The photos speak for themselves. I brought it with me from my last trip to Morocco in May 2017.

Shipping is registered and insured.

The trilobite is screwed to a box with the bottom of the stone so that during transport the spines cannot get damaged.

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