Trilobite - Drotops armatus - 10.7 cm

Trilobite - Drotops armatus - 10.7 cm
Middle Devonian (410 -360-mil y) - Jbel Issoumour, Morocco

Wonderfully prepared trilobite with the scientific name: Drotops armatus. This trilobite comes from Jbel Issoumour in the South of Morocco. Jebel Issoumour is located southeast of Alnif and is only accessible by an all-terrain vehicle. During my last trip to Morocco, I have visited this location as well as the workshop of the finder and taxidermist in Al Nif. It took a lot of effort and many hours to prepare these trilobites. As can be seen in the picture all spines have been preserved and are completely original. The dimension of the trilobite is 10.7 cm x 5.2 cm. The original matrix measures 9.5 x 6.9. I brought it with me from my last trip to Morocco in May 2017. This is a real top piece. The pictures speak for themselves.

For shipping the bottom of the matrix is screwed to the lid of a plastic box. So during transport the spines will not be damaged. Of course it is also possible to pick up the trilobite in Oostburg (Netherlands)

Shipping: registered and insured.

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