Diving beetle Dytiscidae rarity in Baltic Amber - 5 mm

Diving beetle Dytiscidae rarity in Baltic Amber - 5 mm
Eocene approx. 49 million years old Palmnicken

You are bidding on selected inclusions from one of the largest collections in Germany, which consists of Amber from all over the world (Baltic, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Burma), which I am offering for auction due to age-related reasons. Authenticity, quality and rarity are guaranteed, partly suitable for museums, which is an estimated percentage of less than 1% of all finds.

This diving beetle (female) “Copelatinae” determined by the Munich Museum, has been verified with only few copies
from Baltic Amber and represents a great rarity (see clause in the Gröhn book
“inclusions in Baltic Amber” in the appendix image 6.

In a long Amber 3.5 x 1.5 is a very large male spider of approx. 1 cm, not complete.
As this diving beetle lives in the water, it is not very probable that he gets into the resin.
It is the only one from my collection and would be a special highlight for an advanced collector!
Museum exhibit, since less than 1% of all finds.

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