Rare very old Sumatran amber - 140 x 110 x 39 mm - 335 gr - (3)

Rare very old Sumatran amber - 140 x 110 x 39 mm - 335 gr - (3)
Eocene (ca. 35 million years old) Sumatra Indonesia

Very old amber, dated around 35 million years, hand-sanded and polished! Its dimensions are: 140 x 110 x 39 mm and its weight is of 335 gr. This amber is of very good quality, with “cognac”, “honey” colours and blue reflections.
The amber of Sumatra often shows spectacular inclusions, with golden and brilliant light effects, which make each piece unique.
It can be found not only in golden yellow, brown and red-ish unusual tones, but also in blue and olive and marine greens.

The blue amber is the rarest of all types of amber!
Before the discovery of blue amber in Indonesia, it used to be found mainly in Dominican Republic and in small deposits in Mexico.

This large amber has been carved from a piece of raw amber and has not been modified.
You can see the pure and untreated amber of Sumatra, aged of at least 35 million years.

The photo gallery shows pictures taken is normal lightning conditions and others taken with UV light.
The colour effect of the various inclusions depending on different lighting conditions is simply enchanting and magical, truly amazing!

I am also selling 2 pieces of raw amber in addition to the one for sale!

This lot will be sent by registered post with tracking number, it will be securely packaged for transport.

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