Fossil composition with Lytoceras ammonite - 25 x 27 cm - 2.2 kg

Fossil composition with Lytoceras ammonite - 25 x 27 cm - 2.2 kg
Lower Jurassic - Toarcian - Belmont, France

Names : Lytoceras jurense + Pseudogrammoceras fallaciosum + Belemnites
Age: Jurassic, Toarcian stage
Location: Belmont, Rhône-Alpes, Near Lyon, France
Size of the belemnite: 11.3 cm
Size of the Biggest ammonite: 17.5 cm
Size of the fossil: Overall size of the slab is 25 cm height x 27 cm width
Weight: 2.2 kg

Here we have a very decorative fossil composition with 2 ammonites and a belemnite. It is a composition since the biggest Lytoceras ammonite has been added to the slab. However all fossils have been digged from the same layer into a french quarry located near Lyon in France. The belemnite and the low sized ammonite have been found as is onto the matrix . In exception of this reglue , there is no restoration done onto the fossils .All 3 are completely natural. The slab has been prepped in our own prep lab from our skillfullest preparator. The slab has been cut for having it selfstanding , so this beautiful fossil can be easyly displayed.

The shipping will be done with french postal service.

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